Learn to Cook Live to Eat

People love food and people love to cook.  There are some of us that don’t love to cook or love to cook and wish that we could cook better.  I am one of those people.  Food can make us happy, it can bring family and friends together, and above all, it can also keep us healthy. Although there are foods out there that can also make it harder to be healthy food is a substantial way of living.  Learning to cook can help brighten our horizons and give our taste buds an adventure we have never experienced before. Being one of those people that want to brighten my cooking horizons I am going to learn to cook so I can live to eat.

Why do we want to cook

Cooking food is a way of life. Yes, we could eat raw and fresh and leave it at that.  Since the beginning of time and the first fire was lit we used it to cook.  Cooking is an adventure.  Learning to cook creates a whole new world in food.  I never learned how to cook until I had a family even then it was a struggle. It was only when I took the time to learn the techniques and the science that the food I started to make not only made me happy but those around me actually loved it also.  Why not learn to cook. Why not learn to create food that is wholesome, beautiful, and full of flavor.

How do we learn to cook

“Practice makes perfect.” That is exactly how we are going to learn.  In school, a math teacher would give us the formula to solve a math problem and in order to succeed and understand the assignment, we had to practice.  By practicing our cooking skills the food we cook will be tastier, healthier, and those around us will also enjoy the fruits of our labor.  A person can learn by reading books, watching videos, and if you’re lucky enough learn from a professional. I will be learning through all three methods.  Pretty soon with enough practice and learning, we can take our culinary creations and turn them into masterpieces.

Who gets to learn to cook

The answer to that is simple you, me, everybody can learn to cook.   All it takes is a little time, patience, and of course practice.  Enjoy the time you spend learning and have fun.  Food is the equivalent to all things happy and this should not be a chore. If you have a family there is nothing better to bring them together than cooking an awesome dinner. If you’re a first-time cook don’t worry you are not the only one.

Join me on an adventure into the world of cooking.  Being a newbie I am sure there will be some ups and downs but hopefully, this journey can expand our culinary horizons. I suppose we should get started and in my next blog, I will be learning to cook cod filets En Papillote. I love to eat fish and I love everything fish has to offer.  This is a fantastic way to cook fish and enjoy all the health benefits the fish will give you without frying.  Let’s learn to cook and live to eat.





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